Launched in 2018, the Facebook Ad Library gives the public access to all ads related to political issues on the platform, including those from candidates, PACs and non-profit groups. This data set provides valuable insights about your opposition’s strategy. 

Pundit Analytics users are notified when new Facebook ad campaigns are launched by their specified profiles. They also get exclusive access to additional insights and functionality to analyze these ads. 

Here’s a look at four issue narratives you can develop from Facebook Ad details and Pundit Analytics. 

Where Are They Targeting Ads?

The Facebook Ad Library includes a detailed breakdown of the states each ad is targeting. With this information, you can gain significant insights into your opponent’s strategy. On campaigns, your opponent will target ads out of state if they’re for fundraising purposes rather than persuading voters. For issue advocacy efforts, you can learn which members of Congress your opposition is seeking to persuade. 

In 2019, the Texas Tribune reported on the Trump campaign’s significant Facebook ad spending in Texas. Democrats in the state seized the opportunity to explain that the Lone Star State could turn blue: 

“Trump’s spending here ties directly into Texas being the biggest battleground state,” said Brittany Switzer, senior brand director for the Texas Democratic Party. “We see poll after poll showing Democrats beating Donald Trump here in Texas, and that plays over into the digital ad space as well.”

Facebook ad targeting sourced from Pundit Analytics can help you craft essential narratives like these about your opponent’s overall strategy. 

How Much Are They Spending?

You can also see how much is being spent on specific Facebook ads. This data can reveal whether an ad campaign is serious or simply an earned media play. You can also develop narratives around an opponent’s priorities. For example, if a candidate is spending more money on ads about Medicare for All than on school reopening, this data can be used to show how out of touch the candidate is with the top concerns of voters. 

Are They Saying One Thing and Advertising Another? 

Facebook ads that contradict an opponent’s message can lead to successful narratives about hypocrisy. With large issue advocacy efforts, it’s difficult for messaging to remain in sync across all channels. This discrepancy can provide significant opportunities for professionals who have Pundit Analytics and know what to look for. 

Pundit Analytics makes all of your opponent’s Facebook ads searchable and can highlight common phrases, bringing key functionality to this data set. 

What Story Do Ad Images Tell? 

With Pundit Analytics, you’ll also see the images your opponents use for their Facebook ads. There are several key questions you should ask about these photos, graphics, or videos , such as,

  • Do the images convey false or inaccurate information?
  • Do the images come from a different country or state? 
  • Do the images portray a candidate or elected official in a racially insensitive manner, as we saw here and here in 2020? 

Don’t overlook images as a source for these critical narratives that can put your opponent on defense. 

Facebook ads are public, on-the-record statements and your opponents should be held accountable for what they contain. With Pundit Analytics, you’ll save countless hours sifting through the Facebook Ad Library and get real-time alerts when new ads are launched. 

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