Modern political and public affairs campaigns rely on cornerstone digital tactics to reach the audiences they need to persuade and activate. Equally as important is keeping track of the other side’s online messaging. Pundit Analytics is an essential tool for monitoring digital content.

Pundit Analytics helps you keep tabs on emails, website changes, and Facebook ads coming from your opponents with state of the art monitoring and analytics. You’ll never miss important digital content from your opposition again. You’ll also get sophisticated insights about their online messaging strategy.   

Email Monitoring

Email marketing is a cornerstone strategy for political, public relations, and issue advocacy campaigns. Your opponents share key details about strategy and messaging in the emails they send to supporters. Are you watching? 

With Pundit Analytics, you can say on top of every marketing email from your opposition without cluttering your inbox. You’ll never have to hunt through your inbox to find an opponent’s email again.

Our email monitoring is more than just a convenience. We also provide robust search, analytics and insights for the emails we collect.   

Website Changes

With Pundit Analytics, you’ll be notified when a specific website is updated. Learn about new initiatives before they’re announced or catch opponents in the act when they’re covering their tracks. 

You’ll have the proof with before and after screenshots you can share. 

Facebook Ads

We also monitor Facebook ads so you know exactly what messages your opponent is paying to promote online. Are their public statements consistent with the language being used to activate supporters? Are new messages being tested online before becoming more widespread?

With Pundit Analytics and its Facebook ad insights, you’ll know. 

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