Competitive Intelligence

Pundit automates competitive intelligence for your campaign so you're always ahead.

Track Your Opponents Now

Sit back and relax. Pundit will handle the hard stuff.

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Track Opponents
Pundit keeps tabs on your all of your political opponents' activities.
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Get Notified
We alert you just seconds after we detect critical activity by your opponents.
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Act on Intel
With your real-time intel, you can get ahead of any campaign strategy. Use our comprehensive search engine to investigate and make split-second decisions.
Welcome to the next generation of politics.

What We Track

Pundit AI constantly crawls the internet looking for the latest intel on your target.
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Website Changes

We monitor all website changes made by your target, and we show you all important additions and redactions.

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Political Ads

We constantly look for your target's political ads on Facebook & Google. When we find one, we'll tell you how much they're spending on it, the targeted age group, and other granular stats.

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We keep a searchable record of all emails that your target is sending to supporters.

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Social Media

We track every Tweet and Facebook post your target has ever made. We'll notify you if something they post is going viral.

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Media Mentions

We crawl through hundreds of news sources to find mentions of your target in the media.

Data. Always. Wins.

Your campaign can make decisions using thousands of data points–with the click of a button.
Target data points identified every minute
From ad publish to notification

Less work, more winning.

With Pundit Analytics, you don't have to be a nerd to leverage some of the most powerful AI tools on the planet. That's our job.

Scales with your campaign

Pay for what you need. Whether you're running for U.S. Senate or School Board, we have an affordable price point for you.

Local Candidate

$ 49
Per month
Track Local Candidate

State Candidate

$ 99
Per month
Track State Candidate

Federal Candidate

$ 149
Per month
Track Federal Candidate

Political Organization

$ 149
Per month
Track PAC
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